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Kris Damhorst

My name is Kris Damhorst and I co-own Damhorst Toys with my sister Megin Cassimatis.  Damhorst Toys was started by our parents in 1971 in the basement of their St. Louis home.  Our parents slowly began to grow their small adventure and in 1976 they took the leap, (not entirely by their own decision) to go full time.  The goal of our parents was to make fun colorful personalized educational wooden toys.  The business continued to grow and in 2004 Megin and I purchased the company from our mother and we have been running the company ever since.  Megin and I decided to do a little podcast on our company history.  You can listen to the entire conversation about what we remembered as kids and the timeline of events here.  Please also visit our Facebook Timeline that contains all the old pictures from Don and Carol’s first workshop to their first moving truck. The picture below is one of my mom and dad standing on the back of their first box truck.

Visit us at www.damhorsttoys.com for a lineup of all our products

Check our our Company History in this short video from 1971 to present


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