ianstoneEpisode 5 – Interview with veterinarian Dr. Ian Stone
Join us for this interesting interview with Dr Ian Stone who talks to us about new babies, pets and kids.  Do pets get jealous when a new baby arrives?  What is the best way to teach kids to approach a strange dog?  Find out the answers to these questions and a few more during this interview.

Randy Kaplan Pic

Episode 4 – Interview with award winning kids musician Randy Kaplan Learn about Randy’s guitar heros from the 1920 and ’30s that inspired his children’s music today.  Learn if the music or lyrics come first when composing a song.


Episode 2 – Interview with Registered Dietitian Mindy Podolsky Owens In this interview we talk about the nutritional needs of young children and the changes that we can make to help our kids eat better and live healthier lives


Episode 3 – History of Damhorst Toys
In this interview I talk to my youngest sister Megin (co-owner of Damhorst Toys) on how the business got started by our parents Don and Carol Damhorst.


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